Discover San Genesio and South Tyrol on horseback. San Genesio, the cradle of the Haflingers, is a village of horses offering plenty of horse riding. It is impossible to miss: wherever you look there are paddocks, riding stables and Haflinger horses.

Horse-riding in South Tyrol
Discovering the South of South Tyrol in the saddle, gently trotting along or cantering with gusto. Horse riding is still very important in San Genesio. On Salto you can enjoy hacks with like-minded horse lovers on the countless of forest trails and woodland paths. The riding stables invite you!

Horse-drawn carriage rides on Monzoccolo
Horse-drawn carriage rides in the summer and sleigh-rides in the winter are always fun... enjoy a ride through the larch woods of the Salto high plateau.

Haflinger Horses
At the end of a millions of years long history we find a noble elegant riding horse. San Genesio and the surrounding Sarntal Alps have shaped the characteristics of Haflingers. Because of their former useful service as workings horses, their cross-country capability and their mountaineering ability the Austrian military vehicle Steyr Puch Haflinger was named after these mountain horses.
Today the Haflinger is by far the most popular small horse in Germany and in many other countries. The likeable reddish horses with their long blonde manes and tails are increasingly entered in competitions and are now a common sight in dressage, jumping and driving events. In their native South Tyrol Haflingers are also linked with customs and traditions. This connection is evidenced in many events.