Do you wish to spend your holidays with your loyal four-legged friend? The location shouldn’t be too isolated but should offer natural surroundings and relaxation? Do you want that your furry little friend has as much fun as you have? Well, in this case San Genesio on Mount Tschögglberg above the provincial capital Bolzano is just the right place for you!

San Genesio is reachable from Bolzano within 10 minutes by car. At the same time, San Genesio is situated at the entrance to Salto, the largest larch tree high plateau of Europe, a real natural paradise. In addition, there are 4 hamlets of San Genesio: Avigna, Valas, Cologna and Montoppio. This combination makes San Genesio unique as a holiday destination for you and your four-legged friend!

During your vacation, it’s going to happen that your furry friend has to stay alone occasionally, both for a visit to museum and for a shopping tour in Bolzano during a hot summer day.

But don’t worry in San Genesio! The boarding kennels „Kohlerhof“ in Avigna will take care of your friend perfectly and will leave nothing to be desired! The boarding kennels „Kohlerhof“ also offers accomodation in their own appartment.

Important for passionate horse riders: San Genesio is the cradle of the Haflinger horses with blonde mane. Accordingly, San Genesio is the commune with the largest number of riding stables and Haflinger horses in South Tyrol. No matter which activity: riding on horseback, enjoying a horse-drawn carriage ride or just pampering your beloved horse in a cozy stable with a bunch of fresh hay of Mount Tschögglberg, riding holidays in San Genesio are wonderful at any time of year!

For the health of your four-legged friend, the professional vet. team of  veterinary clinic Salto, will be always available, if your best friend shouldn‘t feel well. With its ultra-modern facilities, wide parking area and highly qualified team of veterinary professionals, San Genesio will be a shining example of dog-friendly holiday locations in South Tyrol!

With the newly opened "camping Chalet Salten" , you can fulfil your ultimate pet friendly holiday dreams in San Genesio!

Welcome to San Genesio, animal lovers!