Avigna is situated at an altitude of 847 m, some 10 km from the main village of San Genesio and above the entrance to Val Sarentino. The name “Avigna” is derived from the Latin word avia meaning “remote location”. Over the centuries the name of the hamlet changed. Today’s access road was built in 1980. Until then Avigna could only be reached from Rafenstein and San Genesio.

Where to stop for food and drink?
Restaurant Unterweg, Restaurant Gruberhof, Restaurant Moar and Buchi Café or Cafè Menihof

Where to sleep?
Gruberhof, Unterkoflerhof, Gasthaus Unterweg, Ferienhaus Schwarzenbach, Burgerhof, Menihof, Tholer Hof and Gasthaus Moar

Where to shop?
Buchi supermarket, vegetables from organic farmer Ausserbrunnerhof, fresh free-range eggs from Kirchsteigerhof and cloudy apple juice from Widum Baumann